Pack Solution
Big Bags

The load which is well held becomes light
Big Bags
Big Bags (their technical name) can also be called Jumbo Bags, FIBC, bulk bags, pp bags…

Big bags are a creative solution for disposing of various types of products and waste, made to simplify the work process while protecting the product at the same time.

The most common big bags height is between 100 and 200cm (plus handles). Their most common bottom dimensions are 62.5x62.5, 65x65, 91x91, 95x95 and 100x100 cm.

Simple, easy, and fast filling/emptying is what represents them and the reason for their high demand.
Why are Pack Solution Big Bags the right solution for you?
Because our big bags have the highest quality on the market
A cost-effective way of packaging
Fast delivery time
Easy to handle
They take up minimal space and weight when empty
Our bags' dimensions are made based on customer needs (with the help of our expert team)
We have been operating successfully for many years
We are a proven and experienced big bag distributor
We offer variety of Big Bags
4 loop Big Bags
  • Standard bottom structure (4 walls)
  • 4 Corner handles (4 lifting points)
  • Optional filling spout sewed to the slit
  • Dimensions are made based on customer needs
  • Printing option
  • Applicable in various industries
  • Bags can be Standard, Q bags, Bags with liners (PE), Ventilated, and Food safe big bags
  • The most popular option
1 point lift (Single loop)/2 point lift Big Bags
  • Standard bottom structure (4 walls)
  • 1 or 2 handles on corners (1 or 2 lifting points)
  • Polyethylene insert (PE)
  • Dimensions are made based on customer needs
  • Printing option
  • It does not depend on owning a forklift (Ideal for ships and trains - if it’s to access with a forklift)
  • A more economical choice
Pack Solution big bags with four lifting points can be (depending on the client's business):
Big Bags most commonly used in various industries
Q bags
Q-bags are form-stable big bags fitted with an internal baffle structure, designed for products such as powders or granulates
Big bags with liners (PE)
These bags come with a polyethylene liner that covers inside of the bag, most commonly used to store very fine powdered materials and liquids
Ventilated big bags
Bags made of fabric that allows air circulation, most used in cases when products must stay dry - e.g. for onions, potatoes or wood
Food safe big bags
Jumbo bags made in accordance with legal regulations related to the storage of food products
All Pack Solution Big Bags are applicable in a wide range of industries:
  • Food
  • Agriculture (concentrates, cereals and other seed products)
  • Wood pellets
  • Fertilizer
  • Cement goods
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