Pack Solution

Big Bags in all dimensions
In our offer, you will find a few different types of high-quality big bags:
  • 4 Loop big bags

    • Standard bags, Q bags, Bags with liners (PE), Ventilated, and Food safe big bags

  • 1 & 2 loop big bags

Each of our clients has at his disposal a professional team that is ready to analyze and offer the right dimensions of big bags in accordance with the client's wishes and needs.
Easy to use and pack
Pack Solution bags are easy to fill and empty. Also, when not filled, they take up minimal space, which makes them an ideal option for storing various materials.
Wide range of usability
Pack Solution Big Bags are made for various industries. They can be used for storing food, agriculture, wood pellets, fertilizers, cement goods, and much more.
4 loop
Big bags with four lifting points are our most popular bags used in various industries. Pack Solution Big Bags with four lifting points can be Standard bags, Q bags, Bags with liners (PE), Ventilated, and big bags for Food.
1&2 point lift
Big bags with one lifting point/two lifting points are a more economical choice for anyone who needs an easy solution for storage and transport.
Competitive prices and quality
The goal of Pack Solution is to always offer the lowest possible prices to every client with enduring quality.
Years of experience, cooperation with foreign and domestic partners, as well as the commitment to an environmentally sustainable future is what defines us and what we strive for.
  • flexible dimensions
  • packaging efficiency
  • easy transport
  • clean work environment